We have a large modern facility, fully equipped with original tooling where we do all the repair and refurbishment work on our newly arrived machines. We have a team of professional mechanics who were doing mechanic work and gathered invaluable knowledge throughout the years. Every machine that comes at our facility goes through four different stages.

Workshop Process

First Stage

In the first stage a machine arrives for thorough inspection and appraisal for the necessary work that needs to be carried out. In order for every part to be ordered and to be insured if the machine performs as it should.

Second Stage

In the second stage the machine is given a good wash in order to be thoroughly clean to be ready for the workshop.

Third Stage

In the third stage we address all the mechanical problems and bodywork, in order for the machine to be fully ready, as if it yesterday rolled out from the production line.

Final Stage

In the final stage we do a full functionality test of all the systems if everything functions properly and is in factory condition. Here the machine gets a seal of approval that is ready for sale.


Through Examination (LOLER 98)

Thorough Examination
With Health and Safety being such a prominent element in the work place today, there is an increasing demand on a wide variety of businesses to stay up to date and on top of legislation. Relevant to our industry, this includes having any lifting equipment checked to ensure that the mechanical parts are in safe working order.

All forklifts working on site are required to have a Thorough Examination, along with other lifting implements such as Telehandlers and Loader Tractors. CFTS sets the industry standard for this inspection, under which all of our fitters are fully qualified CFTS accredited Thorough Examination under the LOLER 1998 regulations.

If you require your machine or fleet to be inspected and tested, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss.