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We are currently not accepting visitors onto the premises or conducting any machinery viewings, this is to enable us to protect our small staff team.

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Our company is a family run business and we deal with our clients on a personal level. The founder of Factor Tractors started from the bottom, spending his childhood and growing up at a farm, soon got interested in the machines and started fixing them, and that hobby became a business.
We as a company have created very high standards and a great amount of attention to detail, that’s why we got the good reputation as the years have progressed. Our company have transformed throughout the years into a huge business that brings the best quality farm and machinery second hand equipment. We offer everything when it comes to machinery, not matter if it’s a small tractor or a skid steer for your construction company. We have all the machinery to meet all of your requirements.
We have a team full of professionals that have been working around machinery for years. 

We do not leave anything to circumstance. We thoroughly check everything before we buy. Everything must match our expectations or we don’t want it. With this in mind we can guarantee quality and reliability of our products. Every mechanical work is done in our specialized workshop, you can read more about our workshop at the workshop page.
We focus on our customers and their satisfaction, so if you have some inquiries, you can give us a call and team or professionals will answer all of your questions. 

If the item is in our catalog we need to check if its available, because our stock changes all the time. New items come and go every day. If the item is not in our catalog, we can find one for you, if you are interested in buying that specific machine.
We also look to buy surplus machinery. It doesn’t matter if it’s just one item or your whole inventory of machines.